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"Scott Wrobel is an amazingly sharp and gifted writer, and his debut, Cul De Sac, set in a twenty-first century American suburbia of lost dreams and troubled families, is not only one of the truest and saddest collections of stories I've ever read, but also one of the funniest."

       -- Donald Ray Pollock, author of Knockemstiff
The Devil All The Time


Cul De Sac is about a group of suburban men who live on the same dead-end street. We know the men who populate Cul de Sac from our own neighborhoods and our own familiar fantasies of the American good life, yet in Scott Wrobel’s hands their faults and strange inner minds frighten and delight us. Here are middle-aged men who deal with parenting, marriage, sickness and dying by organizing garages, poisoning coyotes, stalking seasonal Eastern European service workers at family resorts, violating jars of mayonnaise, and sabotaging houses-for-sale to keep their neighborhood Caucasian. Cul De Sac is an honest and empathetic look behind the tailored lawns and powerwashed-perfect decks of a suburban community to its awkwardly humorous and sad reality—Cheeverland in a modern Midwestern suburb. Cul de Sac provokes, challenges, and invites us in with nervous laughter.


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Cul-de-sac, n.    \'kul-di-sak

1. a blind diverticulum or pouch
2. a street or passage closed at one end
3. a route or course leading nowhere

French, literally, the bottom of the bag (1738).